Two Reasons Why We Hate the DMV

The DMV is the most hated office in America. 100% of people polled hate it, including the employees. I'm actually just kidding about that statistic, but I wouldn't be surprised if it were true. It's certainly the impression I get whenever I have to make a visit. Here are two reasons the DMV fails:

  1. The Wait - it takes too long. Even when you make an appointment, you will most likely have to sit around for an hour minimum. If we know this and the people inside know it, why don't they just issue realistic appointment times? If they're overbooked, then don't overbook. If they can't account for walk-ins, then don't take so many walk-ins or switch to appointment only. Give me an objection and I'll give you a solution.
  2. The Employees Are Not Pleasant - from the security guy with authority issues, to the drill-sergeant tester, to the "God-why-don't-you-know-this" attitude of many of the clerks, this place is filled to the brim with bad vibes. I once heard a man yelling at a person about to take their driving test to "RELAX!!!" A co-worker shot back, "that might be hard to do with you screaming in her face."