Build Loyalty and Increase Sales by Caring: Lessons from an Old World Tailor

Communicating care to a customer makes them feel valued and will increase their loyalty to your brand or win you new clients.

I've been looking for a tailor to handle difficult operations and an important part of my criteria is that they care about their work. The test is this - bring a very simple request and see how they react. I usually bring in a pair of trousers that needs to be hemmed.

How He Communicated Care

  • He took extra time to do it right - The gentleman asked me to try on the pants, asked me about what shoes I would wear with the trousers, and asked me about the look I wanted. He made some marks, asked me to take off the trousers, put in various pins and asked me to try them on again. Some places won't even ask you to wear the clothes you want altered, which is a definite sign they don't really care about their work.
  • He was polite - He apologized that the main fitting room wasn't available and asked me if I wouldn't mind using the smaller one.
  • He was knowledgeable and made appropriate suggestions - after asking me what I wanted, he made a suggestion and explained why he would do things a little differently.

He was so good we ended up talking about shirts and he sold me one that he offered to tailor to my body at no extra charge. If he hadn't already provided great service, I would've left without a glance, and definitely without a shirt I wasn't expecting to buy.