4 Ways to Measure the Quality of Your Service

80% of companies say they deliver superior customer service.  8% of customers say that those same companies deliver superior customer service. - Lee Resources

We lie to ourselves all the time, so it’s no surprise that many customer service departments think they’re doing better than they actually are. If you do not measure the results of your customer service or you’re using the wrong measures, then you will never understand how to move the satisfaction numbers up. Most companies make the mistake of pushing metrics based on revenue, which is why you get angry agents when you try to cancel your service. Designating the correct metrics for customer service starts with focus on customer happiness - money and positive brand image will follow.

Here are 4 ideas to consider when defining how you want to measure your service:

  1. Ask your customers how they feel about your service. How do you survey customers who had a recent experience with your agents? If you don’t, you must. If you do, how successful are your data gathering efforts and why? Too many company leaders treat customer sentiment as anecdotal. You can measure this stuff too.
  2. How long do your customers have to wait before they are served?No one likes to wait, but this is even more true in our increasingly fast and mobile culture. Remember, however, quality before speed. Spend as long as it takes to help your customer, but get in front of them quickly.
  3. Do you resolve problems? If your agents do not have the power to fix the problem or cannot give detailed information on when the problem will be fixed, it doesn’t matter how polite they are - people don’t like broken things.
  4. Are your customers repeat customers? One of the main goals of good customer service is customer loyalty. Treat them well, keep your product or service relevant, and they’ll continue to support your business.