List of Services

  • Start-up/SME Setup - I can set up your entire customer support structure, so that communication flows seamlessly from your customers to the appropriate managers in the most efficient manner. Specifics are tailored to your needs and recommendations are made according to the size of your business, your budget, and future growth projections. Training can be added to this service for an additional fee.
  • Training - Call centers, email platforms, and mobile-first chat solutions are wonderful tools, but it's the quality of the support agent that takes the experience from good to great. Smart executives and managers invest in their people, but customer service departments are often left to linger with few resources. This doesn't make sense since the majority of communication between your company and its clients goes through your customer support team. About 78% of people cancel mid-transaction or do not make a purchase due to a bad service experience - that' a lot of money to lose.
  • Policy Writing - Sometimes you just need someone to craft the ideas and attitudes that will shape your customer service team. Through a series of communications, company policies will be created to meet your needs and serve as a powerful reminder to you and your staff about how you should treat the people who keep you in business - your customers.
  • Template/Script Writing - A lot of businesses make use of scripts and templates to reduce employee error and save time. These are valid uses and important tools for the customer support team, especially those that are new to the job. My only warning would be to avoid using it as a crutch or you will make errors that could exacerbate problems instead of relieving them.
  • Business Optimization - Large companies have the most manpower and the resources necessary to build a world class customer service department, but often provide some of the worst experiences. I can help fix it. What you will receive is a thorough and detailed optimization of every aspect of the current department, its technology and tools, policies, and the entire staff from management to the person that picks up the phone or answers email. Options are also available for smaller businesses with existing customer service departments.
  • Social Media and Online Community - Building a community around your products is vital, especially when you already have a hit on your hands. You'll want to to harness the collective voice of your customers to help you grow your business, improve your offerings, and build a world-class brand. I can help you do that, whether you're starting out or just need to improve what you already have.
  • Crisis Management - Mistakes happen and are opportunities to practice dignity and even shine. More commonly, however, we find companies and people react too slowly and too weakly. I can help you manage your crisis, but we must be quick, especially in today's media environment.


*Prices depend on the details of each request.

*Non-profit and government organizations get discounted rates.